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LopezTonight ~ Monday, November 30, 2009

George Lopez photo by Dimitrios Kambouris of WireImage

Psst! While some people had been wondering: how would Leno fare in a 10:00pm time slot, or if Letterman's ratings would suffer as a result of his infidelity scandal, George Lopez has been killing on his TBS show, Lopez Tonight.

Lopez Tonight debuted on TBS on November 9, 2009. It garnered 3.1 million viewers it's first night. i haven't seen it's numbers in the weeks that followed, but i'm guessing they have not only held steady, but increased. Why? Great guests---i don't know who books for Lopez Tonight, but they snag very enviable 'gets'. First night had Eva Langoria-Parker, Ellen DeGeneres, Carlos Santana, and Kobe Bryant. O.K. Bryant is not popular in my household, but there are those where he is, so that qualifies as a good get. At the Lopez Tonight website check out the This Week link to see the terrific guest line-ups for future shows.

Lopez Tonight has a beautiful set. Seeing it i appreciate the show's ad pitch, "bringing the party to late night". It manages to be Vegas glitzy and house party intimate at the same time. The band is great, Michael Bearden & The Ese Vatos. The thing i like best about the band is that when they do a cover, they don't inject their personality into someone else's material. For example, when they play the show's theme, War's, Low-Rider, it sounds like War's Low-Rider, instead of a lounge lizard's homage.

i hadn't tuned in until the Monday November 30th show. Kicking myself for not tuning in sooner. Lopez is not only bringing the party, his stand-up is fearless, skewering celebrities, and liberals and conservatives equally, with a take no prisoners energy. Riffing on the Tiger Woods "alleged" marital discord had the studio audience laughing, applauding, and nodding in agreement. hubby and i were doing the same at home under the covers, and remarking how Mr.Lopez knew exactly what we had been speculating on the subject. How does Lopez do this? Clearly this man has his finger on the pulse of not only what's on the mind of America, he dares to put those thoughts into words. Comedy should never be safe. George Lopez knows this, and plies his trade accordingly.

Lopez Tonight airs Monday through Thursday at 11:00pm on TBS [please check your local listings].

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