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Nip/Tuck ~ Wesley Clovis Season 6 Part 1 Finale Episode 10

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Special Effects Make-Up For Wesley Clovis Created By The Burman Studio
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Doc Troy Examines Wesley Clovis

Nip/Tuck Wesley Clovis 6.10

Eric Stonestreet, probably familiar to most as a suburban dad on ABC's satirical sitcom Modern Family is as Wesley Clovis on FX' Nip/Tuck, a heartbreaking monster. Doc Troy even refers to him [disparagingly] as 'slingblade'. And like 'slingblade', of mice and men's 'lennie small', green mile's 'john coffey, or 'Frankenstein's monster', Wesley Clovis is as troubling as he is likeable. Clovis, a mentally slow, peeping-tom, convicted 15 years previous, of raping and murdering a 17 year old girl, is a death row inmate. Problem is before he can be humanely put down, since he's morbidly obese, he needs lipo and a tummy tuck. That's where the docs at McNamara/Troy come in. There's an added incentive for the docs---if they agree to do the surgery, their son Matt gets released from prison. For Christian, the decision is a no-brainer. Sean of course has a crisis of conscience. How can he reconcile doing the surgery when the ultimate purpose is to carry out capital punishment. In Jennifer Salt's excellent script, there's an added twist: Clovis has exhausted the appeals process, but there seems to be reasonable doubt as to his guilt. It's possible that he was convicted on circumstantial evidence and another inmate is the actual murderer.

True to form, Nip/Tuck masterfully injects humor to balance the deep stuff. There's a scene with 16 year old twins about to go under the knife for rhinoplasty, a birthday gift from their parents. One of the twins is texting as they're about to be anesthetized. Classic. Once again the show's prosthetic make-up special effects [the twins' noses, Clovis' blubber, etc.] from Bari and Tom Burman are without peer.

Anyone who knows me knows i am a fan of Nip/Tuck. In fact, fan is not a descriptive enough word. i have often used the word addicted when referring to my loyalty to the show. Lately, i must confess, Doctor Christian Troy is testing my fealty. i'm still addicted to the "disturbingly perfect" Nip/Tuck, and Troy's portrayer Julian McMahon [my major celeb crush] still delivers 6 seasons in, stellar performances. But lately i feel like i don't recognize the Doc Troy fellow addicts have come to know, love, and lust for. As the show progresses toward the end of it's run, it's as if Troy is transforming into a Jekyll & Hyde personality. A sociopath and/or psychopath is defined as "one who is affected with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior" "a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse". With regard to Christian's treatment of Kimber, that pretty much sums up my view of his behavior in the Wesley Clovis ep and the ep that preceded it, Benny Nilsson, his treatment of Sean and Sean's prodigal brother Brendan.

Christian always has been a narcissist, and he's never made a secret of that aspect of his personality. But in season 6, he's become [irredeemably?] cruel. Even worse than he was in season 3 with Abby Mays, and i didn't think that was possible. Only a few weeks ago, Christian was by all appearances, sincerely pouring his heart out to Kimber, telling her that she is his soulmate and that he did indeed have a heart and it belongs to her. Now when Kimber tells him she's pregnant, instead of being emotionally supportive, he offers up a despicable ultimatum wrapped around a proposal of marriage. Hey 10", i can dig it, you don't want more children. Since you know that, before you planted your seed, you should've gotten a vasectomy. The only good thing that resulted from Christian's romance challenged declarative was the bonding between Kimber and Liz---excellent scenes for Ms.Maffia and Ms.Carlson.

The phrase 'bros before hos' has been around for a while. i've been on a crusade to have a feminine counterpart---'sis before dicks'. hubby teases me and says there's no way it'll catch on, but the scenes from this ep with Liz and Kimber make me think there's hope yet that my alternative will become popular.

FX will re-air Wesley Clovis Sunday December 20, 2009 at 11:30pm and Wednesday December 23, 2009 at 1:00am. Then Nip/Tuck takes a break until Wednesday January 6, 2010 when it's final 9 episodes air. Please check your local listings.


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