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Justified Season 1 Episode 3 The Fixer And Season 1 Episode 4 Long In The Tooth

"Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens, you got iced cold water running through your veins" ~ Bad guy character to Bad Ass character U.S.Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens of FX' Justified

"I'm on the run fam, all eyes on me. Either walk or fly, I'm ready to die" ~ Lyrics Excerpt From Gangstagrass' Long Hard Times Coming [On The Run]

[Viewer Discretion Advised: The Following Audio Contains Language Of An Adult Nature]

Justified Season 1 Episode 3 The Fixer And Season 1 Episode 4 Long In The Tooth

FX has another hit on their Tuesday night line-up. Justified, based on novels and short story by Elmore Leonard.

Timothy Olyphant plays Raylan Givens; a lanky, soft spoken, loaded side-arm carrying, cowboy hat wearing, i don't want to shoot you, but if you draw on me, i will, and if pressed to take aim, i'll be aiming to kill you kind of man, with a heavy dose of irresistible southern charm.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Raylan, worked the coal mines and then later went into law enforcement. Ray's daddy Arlo is a law breaker, as are some of Raylan's childhood friends. Most of his friends followed the path of the straight and narrow---with a few detours. Raylan reveres his hometown, in the way that any native son would, but couldn't wait to get away from. Once gone, he vowed never to return. Fate up-ended that vow. A fatal, albeit "justified" shooting of a gun-runner caused his superiors in Miami Florida to re-locate him to Harlan Kentucky. Deputy U.S.Marshall Givens has been in law enforcement for 17 yrs.

Even though Justified is not actually shot in Kentucky [it's location shots were done in Pittsburgh PA and the studio shots in Hollywood CA] you'd have to really be looking [a habit i confess i'm guilty of] to notice the actors are not in bluegrass country. i call it 'the mayberry/matlock factor'. Y'know how L.A. as beautiful as it is, is just not as lush and green as North Carolina, Georgia, or in Justified's case Kentucky. It's just geographically not possible for the rolling hills, and grass in Kentucky to have the same look and texture as southern California. But as i said, unless you're really looking, the production values of this show are so good, you'd never know the difference. The scripts, direction and acting are Derby Day thorough-bred good.

As of this posting, 7 of the first season's 11 episodes have aired, my 2 favorites being episode 3 The Fixer and episode 4 Long In The Tooth. Great guest stars in both. Respectively, David Eigenberg, Miranda's put upon hubby from Sex And The City, and Alan Ruck and Clarence Williams III. If you miss any of the eps aired on the FX network, their website and Hulu provide full eps for viewing 9 days after the original tv date for 36 days.

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10:00pm on FX. Please check your local listings.

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