Sunday, June 13, 2010

HBO's TrueBlood Season 3 Episode 1 Pack Of Wolves Bad Blood

HBO's TrueBlood Season 3 Episode 1 Pack Of Wolves Bad Blood*

HBO's TrueBlood is back and if episode 1 of it's 3rd season is any indication, fans are in for a very good time. In a recent interview, HBO's True Blood series creator Alan Ball made reference to season 3 having more gore, nudity, sex and vampire politics. Season 3's 1st episode had ALL of that, so it's safe to say that the remainder of season 3 is going to be very satisfying. A shout-out to HBO's publicity and marketing depts. Posters, full page magazine ads, some in 3-D, with witty copy, that if you aren't already a TrueBlood fan, will tease and entice you to become one.

You're looking for heat? OMFG! TrueBlood is supplying it like a house a-fire. 2 words: Skarsgard nude. And when he is clothed, in his adidas gear [remember last season when Eric and Bill went shopping at the mall :D] those track pants hang on sheriff Eric's hips in all the right places in all the right ways. Also the scene when Sam is dreaming about Bill---oh yeah, it's that kind of dream----lawd-a-mercy we are talking steam steam steam. But lest you think there is only masculine eye-candy, there are also lovely ladies who are not shy about shedding clothing. Yes people, we are talking full-frontal. Sorry to say that's only applicable to female characters, but i'm not giving up my hope that the male population of Bon Temps will someday be shown in the same way.

The scripts have heart, drama, and are beyond funny. Vamp Pam---is a hoot and a half. i also like the direction human Hoyt's character is going---boy-to-man and so sweet. i'm not going to specify what's unique about every character; that would take forever. Humans, vampires, shape-shifters and werewolves---yes werewolves, are all stirred into TrueBlood's roux. The original players still deliver the goods and season 3's additional cast are a good fit. Look for a Don Swayze cameo [he'll be in a total of 6 eps] in season 3's episode 1.

TrueBlood = Twilight for grown-folks ;D.

The 3rd season of HBO's TrueBlood airs Sundays at 9:00pm with repeats of the episodes Monday through Saturday. Please check your local listings.

*HBO lists the title of Season 3 episode 1 as Pack Of Wolves, imdb lists the title for the same episode as Bad Blood.


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