Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pit Boss: Season 1 Episode 5 Ashley's Big Adventure

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The dog days of summer are upon us. Looking for something entertaining, informative, and uplifting to watch while trying to beat the heat? i highly recommend Animal Planet's Pit Boss. i'm a sucker for animals, but Animal Planet is not a channel i watch frequently. Am i ever glad i broke from my usual routine and happened upon this show. Do you know how to give CPR to a dog? i do, and i know because i saw it demonstrated on Pit Boss.

Melvyn Louis "Shorty" Rossi is the Pit Boss. Standing at 4ft and a 1/2 inch tall, he is a force of nature not to be trifled with, pulling no punches about himself, his past, or the world around him. In his youth "Shorty" was involved with a gang and served 10yrs 10 days and 10 months for attempted murder. One of the things i admire about him is he turned his life around. Most people who've served time become recidivists rather than rehabilitated. Not "Shorty", he made something of himself, and provides an important service to the canine and human community. "Shorty" rescues, does charity work, and finds homes for pitbulls.

"Shorty" is also an entertainer and he and his pit Hercules go on auditions. Unfortunately some have difficulty relinquishing their pre-conceived notions about pits and 'little people' and even when they acknowledge their perceptions about both were wrong, they give the gig to a different breed and those of more average height.

Many people still don't seem to grasp that it's not the breed that is bad, but rather those who have abused and/or abandoned pitbulls. With a staff of 3: receptionist Ashley Brooks, booking assistant Ronald Lee Clark, and entertainment co-ordinator Sebastian Saraceno, all of whom are also 'little people', "Shorty" is spreading that message and the pups and their adopters benefit.

Pit Boss airs on Animal Planet Mondays at 9:00pm Thursdays at 8:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00pm. Please check your local listings.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

FX' Louie ~ Season Premiere Episode and Episode 2 Poker/Divorce

Funny, thought provoking, sweet, controversial. FX' newest addition to their Tuesday night line-up stars stand-up comedian and comedy writer Louis CK. i am a recent convert to the church of Louie. i happened upon him accidentally. i knew he was slated to have a show on FX but i hadn't paid close attention as to when it was scheduled to air, other than the fact that i knew it's original air-date had been post-poned. Louie did premiere on Tuesday June 2nd. i was channel surfing, as i am in the habit of doing when my brain is bored with tv's usual offerings. i was also avoiding watching another show that i was considering reviewing. i won't say that show's name, but i'll give clues: it's new and airs on TVLand. 3 of it's female stars are sitcom vets and the 4th is not only a sitcom vet, but a comedic icon/legend. The problem i have with that show is, not only is it painfully formulaic, the laugh-track is used to the point that it insults the cast and the audience. The scripts are weak. It's like a boxer telegraphing punches---you literally feel the joke's punchline approaching, so by the time it's executed, there's little if any impact. *sigh*

Back to Louie. Visitors to the Sundance Film Festival and our neighbors to the north are already familiar with Louis CK's stand-up act. In Toronto, Louis is as popular [if not more so] as Justin Bieber. To the uninitiated, Louie's timing is flawless. Louie's humor is adult---he swears and is not politically correct, but i would not categorized it as 'blue'. Some critics have described his style as being similar to Larry David's and/or Jerry Seinfeld's. The 3 have similarities, but to my view, Louie has more bite. i'm thrilled to say that deciding to watch FX' Louie was a good choice. Louie airs on FX Tuesdays at 11:00pm Please check your local listings.