Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pit Boss: Season 1 Episode 5 Ashley's Big Adventure

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The dog days of summer are upon us. Looking for something entertaining, informative, and uplifting to watch while trying to beat the heat? i highly recommend Animal Planet's Pit Boss. i'm a sucker for animals, but Animal Planet is not a channel i watch frequently. Am i ever glad i broke from my usual routine and happened upon this show. Do you know how to give CPR to a dog? i do, and i know because i saw it demonstrated on Pit Boss.

Melvyn Louis "Shorty" Rossi is the Pit Boss. Standing at 4ft and a 1/2 inch tall, he is a force of nature not to be trifled with, pulling no punches about himself, his past, or the world around him. In his youth "Shorty" was involved with a gang and served 10yrs 10 days and 10 months for attempted murder. One of the things i admire about him is he turned his life around. Most people who've served time become recidivists rather than rehabilitated. Not "Shorty", he made something of himself, and provides an important service to the canine and human community. "Shorty" rescues, does charity work, and finds homes for pitbulls.

"Shorty" is also an entertainer and he and his pit Hercules go on auditions. Unfortunately some have difficulty relinquishing their pre-conceived notions about pits and 'little people' and even when they acknowledge their perceptions about both were wrong, they give the gig to a different breed and those of more average height.

Many people still don't seem to grasp that it's not the breed that is bad, but rather those who have abused and/or abandoned pitbulls. With a staff of 3: receptionist Ashley Brooks, booking assistant Ronald Lee Clark, and entertainment co-ordinator Sebastian Saraceno, all of whom are also 'little people', "Shorty" is spreading that message and the pups and their adopters benefit.

Pit Boss airs on Animal Planet Mondays at 9:00pm Thursdays at 8:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00pm. Please check your local listings.


Anonymous said...

this is more of a question in this episode is this dog they found tied up outside is it a boxer or a pit or a boxer pit because to me it seems like a boxer so can you answer my question please :)

sookietex said...

Hi anonymous, i'm so glad you stopped by, because when i read your question i discovered that the fancast link for Ashley's Big Adventure is no longer available. But that turned out for the best because now i have a megavideo embed of the ep instead of a link. i paused the video from several angles and gave the adorable pup a good long look. i believe him to be a pit.

Now i have a request: if there are any veterinarian's out there who'd care to weigh in to confirm or correct my guess, your expert eye and description will be most appreciated :D Thanks

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