Monday, September 06, 2010

The Colony Season 2 Episode 5 Abduction on The Discovery Channel

Strangers brought together, combining their varied skills to survive a fictional post-apocalyptic world. In addition to the inherent dangers and complexities of such an environment, there is the concern of contracting a fictional pandemic virus, a mutation of bird flu, known as the "nuclear flu". The inhabitants are in The Colony. The Colony is a reality show now in it's second season on The Discovery Channel. Filmed at and around 300-498 Southern Pl, Chalmette,‎ Louisiana‎ 70043, the program truly does give a sense of what life with a built from scratch infrastructure would be like. The production enlists expert help from the real world---homeland security, medical professionals, engineers, architects, and others, to provide authenticity, but otherwise for all intent and purpose the participants are left to their own devices.

In season 2 episode 5 Abduction, one of the colonists goes searching for berries---alone and gets kidnapped by marauders. A ransom drop of fuel and medical supplies is demanded, and her fellow colonists must determine how much they can afford to sacrifice of these as they have precious little to spare. They also have the added stress of the possibility of the demands being increased and their friend not being returned even if they are compliant. Meanwhile they tend to the more pragmatic task of building a windmill from parts collected on earlier scavenger hunts. A most impressive feat and my favorite part of episode 5. For future episodes i'm especially looking forward to episode 8 Defense. i had a few ideas in mind as to what the team may have prepared to prevent the assaults they've endured [the kidnapping was not the first crime committed] and can't wait to see how our strategies compare.

The Colony airs on The Discovery Channel Tuesday nights at 10:00pm and Saturday mornings at 11:00am Please check your local listings.

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