Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010 Lauren Hutton At Giorgio Armani

Raw Footage Fashion's Night Out 2010 Lauren Hutton At Giorgio Armani

"Fashion is what others give you, style is what you give yourself" ~ Lauren Hutton

Sometimes checking e-mail seems like a chore rather than a pleasure. But i'm diligent about doing it, and i'm glad that i am because there's almost always a fun nugget to be found. Fashion Week yielded many rewarding missives but the most treasured was the invite to an event at Giorgio Armani on Madison Avenue. Joan Juliet Buck former French Vogue editor was interviewing Lauren Hutton. As billed on the invite it was more of a conversation than an interview, which made it a unique and refreshing event. The legendary Ms.Hutton was absolutely beautiful, charming, funny, and generous, regaling the gathering with tales of her world travels, life as a model/actress/entrepreneur, and her family tree---she is descended of the Greystoke family "the bag carriers" as she self-deprecatingly described her ancestry, not the nobleman portion.

Upon arrival to and departure from the event, Madison Avenue [and other venues all over town] was literally overflowing with commerce. It was very uplifting to see multitudes of people out and about and spending large sums, much of which the merchants donated to charitable organizations. Fashion Week 2010 was an economic boon for NYC and a great time too.

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