Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bad Teacher ~ Starring Cameron Diaz


"Even your forehead is sexy" Scott Delacorte [Justin Timberlake] to Bad Teacher Elizabeth Halsey [Cameron Diaz]

There is a small portion of the population that are Cameron Diaz haters. i don't know why there are but there are. Could it be because she's A: pretty B: has a great figure C: sweet disposition D: is funny E: is the paramour of one of baseball's more impressive athletes, NY Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez---or maybe D: all of the above. Too bad for the haters.

Bad Teacher is funny due in large part because of Cameron Diaz' performance. And not for nothing she's funny while rockin' lots of covetous Louboutins.

Elizabeth Halsey [Diaz] teaches 7th graders in the Cooke County Illinois district at John Adams Middle School. Being an educator is not what she envisions as her life's work. An unabashed gold-digger to her core, she's got the rock, has almost sealed the deal, and as summer break begins, after bidding her fellow teachers what she believes is a final farewell, floors it in reverse out of the parking lot in her Mercedes coupe with "HERS" vanity plates. But there's a glitch to her getting hitched. The well to do fiance is a momma's boy. Mother suspects Elizabeth only wants her son for the dough. At mom's insistence the wedding is off. Come September Elizabeth is back in the classroom. Even so, her dream of snagging a rich hubby will not be denied and she figures the best way to amp up her odds is to augment her breasts. But how to pay for the surgery on a teacher's salary? As she tries to solve that problem she notices new teacher Scott Delacorte [Justin Timberlake] wearing a La Coultre watch. Hello new prospect.

i don't want to say more about how Elizabeth's plan unfolds because it would require many spoilers. i will say the entire cast---adults and children alike are funny and Timberlake channels his inner nerd quite well. As principal Wally Snur, John Michael Higgins is hilarious as always. Eric Stonestreet as Kirk, Elizabeth's financially challenged roommate has some nice scenes also.

If i were to have a negative note for the plot it would be why wouldn't Elizabeth have hocked her engagement ring. Etiquette deems it acceptable for the woman to keep the ring if she is not the one calling off the wedding. So by all rights, what by my estimate was at least an 8 carat stone, should have remained in her possession. But then that would have negated the need for her to come up with unique ways of acquiring the $10K she needed to book the surgery. One should never let logic interfere with comedic interplay.

The scholastic answer to Bad Santa = Bad Teacher. Satisfying throughout, with an endearing ending, this movie is worthy of an A.


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