Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glee ~ New York ~ Season 2 Finale Episode 22

i know what you're thinking---why is sookie reviewing this Glee episode now---didn't it originally air 3 months ago? Yes it did---but i feel like i need to show some love to Glee and since Glee will return for it's 3rd season on September 20th, the timing seems right.

"I can't have anything keep me from my Manhattan destiny" ~ Glee character Rachel Berry

Anyone who has ever dreamed of coming to NYC, the opening scenes of Glee New York succeed in capturing what it feels like when you arrive. Particularly if you were under the age of 21. That joyous vibrant feeling that anything is possible. The city that never sleeps truly does have a palpable energy. When you add youthful exuberance to that mix it's like a generator that perpetually runs at full capacity.

This episode was shot on location and the opening scene is in the TimesSquare/TheaterDistrict accented with Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue on the playback. i especially enjoyed Rachel's outfit and the way the camera framed her. Very Marlo Thomas/That Girl.

Best Line: "It was the Superman of kisses. It came with it's own cape."

Moment i'm willing to make allowance for: After Finn and Rachel leave Sardi's located on W44th street in the Broadway Theater District---they are seen strolling approximately 2 miles south in the West Village with a Bedford Street street sign prominently in camera frame.

my favorite moments in this ep: Finn mispronouncing Ni├žoise as Nee-cozy.

Will Schuester's clandestine audition for a Broadway show. Theater security at that show referring to Mr.Schuester as 'kid'. Rival show choir director Dustin Goolsby wishing Will Schuester luck in his Broadway debut and confessing his resentment of his own show choir kids. Cheyenne Jackson is hilarious, vicious, bitter and delicious.

Puck being the first to embrace Mr.Schuester when he announces he's not leaving Lima Ohio or his McKinley High students for the bright lights of The Great White Way. Charice's Sunshine Corazon telling Rachel she thinks she's mean but not stupid. And of course Charice performing As Long As You're There. Choreography for New Directions when they performed Light It Up Tonight.

The romances among the kids---Kurt's boyfriend Blaine declaring his love with ease and spontaneity. And anyone paying attention should not be surprised about Mercedes and Sam holding hands---he ran over to hug her at the end of their nationals performance and it was clearly not just congratulatory.

Rachel meeting her idol Patti LuPone and Ms.LuPone asking her to promise her she will never give up on her dreams.

Glee New York is a confection. A valentine to gleeks and to everyone who dares to dream and let nothing deter them, even if those dreams hit detours.

Glee returns for it's 3rd season Tuesday September 20th at 8:00pm est on Fox. Please check your local listings.

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