Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova Season 1 Premiere Episode Genesis on FOX


Uncle Stevie has given sci-fi fans a new gift, Terra Nova on Fox. Spielberg's latest has the requisite components sci-fi fans have on their check-lists. Time travel. Scary monsters---in this case dinosaurs [and not all of them are veggies]. Hot guys. Hot gals. Cute kids. The distinction between hero and villain is sometimes blurred. Impending global catastrophe manifests it's self in the eventual destruction of life as we know it, until a bunch of brainiac scientists stumble upon a unique remedy. Said remedy involves huge risk---time travel, and it's direction is one way only. But it's the lesser of two evils and since the fate of human-kind lies in the balance you gotta go for it.

The year is 2149. Over-populated and over-developed the world is dying, much of it's plant and animal life already dead. "When scientists at the FERMI Particle Accelerator unexpectedly discover a fracture in time that makes it possible to construct a portal into primeval history, the bold notion is born to re-settle humanity in the past – a second chance to rebuild civilization and get it right this time."

The production values of Terra Nova are really good. Even the doomed world sets are impressive. i especially liked the urban scenes and the scenes as the citizens are making their way to the portal---kind of evocative of Blade Runner and Total Recall. In fact i was wishing the scenes in the doomed world had been longer before the viewer is jettisoned back in time to primeval days. That said the scenes in the primeval world are breathtaking---especially the waterfall and grotto in the forest.

And the casting is perfect. The actors playing the kids of Jim, former Chicago cop and doctor Elizabeth Shannon, trauma surgeon, physically resemble each other and the actors playing their parents. There are glimpses of similar personality traits between parent and offspring. Something that proves a bit annoying to their 17 yr old son and the dad when it's pointed out to them that they are very much alike.


i like all the characters but so far my favorite is Commander Nathaniel Taylor played by Stephen Lang. The scene where he's welcoming new arrivals to Terra Nova had an eery Jonestown vibe [is this really paradise or something sinister]. i thought i might have been alone in that thought until some friends tweeted me they had thought the same. Is Taylor villain, hero, or a bit of both. Time will tell and i'm excited about getting to know him and all the citizens of Terra Nova better.

Terra Nova airs Mondays at 8pm eastern and re-airs Saturdays at 8pm eastern on FOX.
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