Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breaking Bad Episode 13 Face Off Season 4 Finale

"WOW!" "Holy F*@k!" "Bravo" "Gangsta" These expressions and other words of praise and amazement were tweeted by viewers of Breaking Bad's season 4 finale episode Face Off. And with good reason. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan [who also wrote and directed the season 4 finale] gave the fans plenty to cheer about. Suspense betrayal horror and a touch of dark humor were on full display. To my surprise Walt turned out to be the baddest of the bad-asses. Cold, calculating and remorseless. Even if his actions meant betraying and manipulating Jesse [more than he usually does]. Even if he ended up being the one who poisoned a child and framed Gus for the deed. And in his triumph torching any trace of Gus and Gus' meth lab.

Vince Gilligan succeeded in satisfying the fans and simultaneously leaving them craving more. Something tells me that lily of the valley plant by Walt's pool is not going to remain inconspicuous for long. AMC has not released a schedule for Breaking Bad's season 5 premiere date. Production for Breaking Bad's 5th and final season is scheduled to begin in early 2012.

AMC will re-air the episode 13 season 4 finale Face Off Wednesday night/Thursday morning October 13th at Midnight. Please check your local listings.

Meanwhile check out the link to the most talked about scene of Breaking Bad's season 4 finale episode 13, Face Off at amctv.com. WARNING This clip contains scenes of graphic violence AMC Breaking Bad Video Clip Season 4 Finale

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