Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Premiere Those Kinds Of Things On Showtime

Showtime's Dark Passenger has returned and with killer guest stars. Mos Def as Brother Sam. Dexter had intended to have him on the slab but as he's stalking his prey finds out that prayer has saved him. Edward James Olmos as Professor Gellar a theologian whose works are less than divine. Colin Hanks is Gellar's protege Travis Marshall who has a few demons of his own that need exorcising. Aimee Garcia as Jamie Batista, detective Angel Batista's sister and new nanny for Dexter's son Harrison. Jamie's a real cutie and is as sunny as Dexter is dark and brings a maternal and positive influence that's been lacking in his child's life. Billy Brown as Mike Anderson. A transfer from 'the city of the big shoulders' and lieutenant Debra Morgan's top pick for Miami-Dade's newest addition to law enforcement. A bit of a chauvinist and a hard ass but easy on the eyes and ears.

In the season 6 opener Dexter attends his high school's 20th reunion. That could be murder.

Dexter season 6 begins Sunday October 2nd at 9:00pm eastern on Showtime. Please check your local listings.

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