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Review: Falling Skies On TNT ~ Young Bloods ~ Season 2 Episode 4

Review: Falling Skies on TNT Young Bloods Season2 Episode 4 [original air date was Sunday 7~1~2012]

Papa Tom Mason's boys Hal, Ben, and Matt have had to grow up quickly since the first season of Falling Skies. Matt aka 'M&M' by the berserkers, the rogue band of fighters whose initial and strongest allegiance is to biker/ex-con John Pope, have taken a liking to Matt and he to them, as they don't treat him like a 9yr old boy---they treat him like a scout and a soldier. Something Matt has craved since the 2ndmass resistance was formed. 

And even though their intentions are good and they have an excellent kill ratio, at the end of the day, the reality is, however much tragedy and horror Matt has experienced, he is still in fact a child, who should not be involved in the dangerous situations adult fighters would face. 

In much the same way that Matt had been told to stay away from John Pope, Tom is now laying down the law of what activities Matt is and is not allowed to participate in with the berserkers. 

That said, i gotta say, the berserkers' plans involving Matt as a decoy and the money-shot of splattered skitter skulls was, as Matt said, "AWESOME".

Middle son Ben, aside from the usual teen angst, is dealing with his friend Jimmy being killed, and the remains of the parasite that was harnessed to his spine still having a
biological/psychological control, to what end not yet specified. 

But it doesn't take a lot of thought to know whatever purpose it may turn out to be, it won't be good for Ben or any human. It is pretty neat that he now has some super-human abilities, such as the ability to hear something from not only miles away, but also knowing from which direction the sound is generated.

Eldest son Hal is handling war-time conditions as well as could be expected---his concern for his younger siblings is causing him to be stressed and even though he is an adult he has burdens that no young man should have to carry. i do think Hal's reactions are sometimes re-active when he would be better served to make pro-active choices. Even though he has to follow chain of command from his dad and captain Weaver i would like to see the character be more assertive and not always being such a by-the-book don't color outside the lines kind of guy.

Captain Weaver is starting to realize that changing his usual way of dealing with things could be better for him and his charges. i won't go into why he came to that decision because i think it would be better for the viewer to experience the moment first hand. Suffice it to say have a hanky handy.

Even in the midst of a war zone romance can happen and Tom and doc Anne are having their chances however brief or interrupted.

Falling Skies' 2nd season episodes air Sunday nights at 9:00pm on TNT with a repeat of the previous week's ep airing the following Sunday at 10:30am on TNT Please check your local listings. The series is also offered by some cable/satellite providers for on-line and mobile device access.

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