Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In Support of Victimized Ohio Autistic Teen, Sverve and GiveForward Launch #Love>Hate Fundraising Campaign

The bullies from Bay Village Ohio who "pranked" an autistic teen with a fake ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have been identified and may face criminal assault charges. The three teens convinced an autistic classmate to participate in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But they had no intention of doing a real challenge. Instead of water and ice, the bullies poured urine, feces, spit, and cigarette butts on the autistic teen. They videotaped and posted the cruel act on social media sites. Ohio native Drew Carey and other celebrities [Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg] offered rewards in excess of $10K to I.D. the bullies. Three teens have been identified.

"Under Ohio law, no person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to another. Physical harm means any injury, illness, or other physiological impairment regardless of its gravity or duration." At this time it has not been determined specifically what charges will be filed against the three who have been identified as the perpetrators. Bay Village Ohio school officials say they will take no disciplinary action until the police complete their criminal investigation. The "prank" did not occur during school hours nor on school property. However if it can be proven the victim's education process has been interfered with, the teens could be suspended and/or expelled.

The school also released the following statement: "Dear Bay Village students, parents, staff and community members: Many of our students and staff members have been participating in fundraising for ALS through the Ice Bucket Challenge. It hurts us deeply to see such a wonderful effort twisted to deliberately cause someone pain. We are supporting our Bay Village Police Department as they vigilantly work to complete their investigation in this case."

Fundraising for the victimized teen has not been limited to celebrities on twitter. Give Forward "the world's #1 fundraising site for helping people in need" in conjunction with social media site Sverve has launched #Love>Hate campaign in support of the autistic teen. As of this posting GiveForward has reached 54% of the #Love>Hate $5000.00 goal.

For official ALS IceBucketChallenge Information please click this link: ALS

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Joan Rivers 6~8~1933 - 9~4~2014

Pioneer. Author. Businesswoman. Philanthropist. Wife. Mother. Widow. Grandmother. Fashionista. Comedian. Icon. Joan Alexandra Molinsky better known as Joan Rivers.

i never met Ms Rivers but i am a fan. That was inevitable. Besides being one of my favorite comedians, i always felt a connection to her. my [late] mother & she had the same first name. One of my siblings was born the same day as Ms Rivers---June 8th which also means she and my sib's astrological sign is gemini and mine is too.

If someone were to ask what will i miss most about Joan Rivers i cannot limit my answer to only one thing. i loved her catch-phrases: "can we talk" "oh grow up!" "pick a finger" and my favorite "who are you wearing?" she was a force of nature, with a quick wit and a sharp one when need be. she wasn't perfect, but being true to her brutally frank nature she was as quick to point out her own flaws as she was to catalog others. she was funny. she was brave. she was smart.

When i'd heard the news of Ms Rivers having gone into respiratory and cardiac arrest while undergoing a "routine procedure", an endoscopy, at an outpatient facility, later being rushed to a hospital and placed in a medically induced coma---i, despite praying i was wrong---knew to prepare myself for the worst.

As of this posting Yorkville Endoscopy clinic is being investigated by the NYC Department of Health. The NYC Medical Examiner’s Office is also investigating the cause of Ms Rivers’ death.

In the meantime NYC and indeed the world are celebrating the life and mourning the loss of Joan Rivers. May the gods speed her. A private memorial will be held 11:00am Sunday 9~7~2014 at New York City’s Temple Emanu-El.