Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cross Janet Off Satin Slayer Suspect List

So much for my theory that the Pine Valley Satin Slayer is Janet [from another planet]Green Dillon. i did not hit the bullseye after all. It was probable but ultimately not possible, as Janet had an air tight alibi when the most recent victim met their fate. Janet was at the mental hospital talking with her daughter Amanda, and Jamie Martin
when Babe Chandler was assaulted in the parking lot at Chandler Enterprizes.

The current twist in this plotline that has my index finger tapping my chin is, is Babe in fact croaked. Sure sure we saw her mom Krystal [great work by Bobbie Eakes]sobbing, embracing, and mourning her 'baby doll' , and giving her a final kiss. But that don't necessarily mean she's really gone. ABC/CapCities' current teaser for All My Children shows quick cuts of Babe and Dixie with the voiceover saying one of them is not dead. Well we know that Cady McClain has been fired from AMC, so unless they're planning on re-casting Dixie, and there doesn't seem to be any indication that that is the plan, then common sense would point to Dixie being dead and not Babe.

Also is it just me or did Doc Jeff Martin seem to be wanting to get
Josh "do you want to go out and get some air son?" and
J.R. "would you like to see Babe?" [both declined] alone to tell them confidentially that things were not what they seemed. i know it seems cruel, but i can't help but think that there is a plan to make the killer think they succeeded in killing Babe, when in fact they didn't. In order for such a plan to work not even her mother could be told. Maybe Babe is not dead, but comatose, but like a Sunny Von Bulow type coma, where she is not in a vegetative state, but is unresponsive otherwise. Extreme i know, but as the late great Jim Varney would say "it could work".


Richard said...

You're exactly right.

sookietex said...

Brooklyn in da hauos :-) yeah boi!
thank you richard for your comment
[see sookie blush]. Skimmed your site [have to dash now], but it definitely whet my appetite to dive in more deeply later.

Take care and come back to visit soon,
your fellow gemini,

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