Friday, February 02, 2007

That Satin Doll

Time for me to play detective again. Hey if the soap scripters insist on having murder plots on the front burner storylines i can't resist. Those who've been following All My Children's Satin Slayer storyline know that Simone, Erin, and Dixie have been poisoned. Danielle was one of his victims, but luckily was rescued before the drug took fatal effect. Babe had been the killer's intended latest victim, but Dixie ate the tainted peanut butter banana pancakes that were meant for Babe.

Zoe/Zarf is Pine Valley Police Chief Derrick Frye's prime suspect in the mystery. i don't think Zoe did it. Too obvious. The character said in a recent ep that of course when a stranger comes to town and a serial killer is on the loose, the natural kneejerk inclination is to suspect the town's newest arrival. i agree with Zoe on that point, which is precisely why i don't think Zoe's the one.

my hubby and i were thinking of all the less obvious Pine Valleyites who might be the killer. we agreed a female is a good place to start since everyone in town is presuming the killer is male. hubby'd like the killer to be Bianca. his theory is that because everyone thinks Bianca is so beloved and sweet that it would be an interesting twist to have it be her. Yes, an interesting choice, but i don't think she's the one either.

i kind of dabbled with the idea that it might be the Chandler housekeeper Winifred's niece Sydney. Remember her from the earlier storyline when she was Colby Chandler's rival. But, i discarded her as the killer primarily because the killer supposedly has a beef with Zach Slater and/or the Cambious family, and she's too young to have had a relationship with Zach or his family.

i wondered if Greenlee may have [off-camera] returned to Pine Valley. But, no, i don't think it's her either. Backtracking a bit, if the killer is a man, i think it's Dell. His sister Dixie's murder was accidental, and he's been known to not be the most law abiding, so if it turns out to be a man he's my pick.

my suspect is Annie. i can't explain why, i just have a feeling. i like the character, and i hope i'm wrong but i think it's her.

2~8~07 Update on sookie's theory on Satin Slayer Suspect: How could i have made such a glaring error?! The Satin Slayer is not Annie, it's Janet ['from another planet'] Green Dillon.

Robin Mattson [janet'from another planet'green dillon]
Wonderful Robin Mattson, who portrayed Janet [in 1994] is currently working on As The World Turns, but her role there is short term, so it's possible that she could return to the Pine Valley set. [Janet fans that's your cue to start petitioning the powers that be to bring her back].

OMG! i cannot believe my timing...only hours after i posted the preceeding paragraph, All My Children's teaser for the ep for Friday February 9, 2007 has a clip of our beautiful bonkers Janet. But in my initial zeal to share the good news, i miscredited the actress who will currently portray her. Too much/not enough coffee for me?[shrug]. Janet's current and original portrayer [1985] is another fan favorite, the luminous Kate Collins. AMC fans will get their wish, Janet is returning.janet's current and original portrayer [1985] is another fan favorite, the luminous Kate Collins

[my hiccup not withstanding] this can only mean i'm about to hit a bullseye with my Satin Slayer Suspect theory [say that 3 times fast---i dare you].

[For the uninitiated] Character recap: Janet has been in a mental hospital for several months. When last we saw her [approximately 6 months ago] she was heavily medicated and J.R.Chandler was visiting her. Janet had been assaulting and kidnapping several citizens of Pine Valley. At that time Jonathan Lavery was the prime suspect but was eventually proven innocent. Janet had also murdered her husband Trevor Dillon, and kidnapped Babe and her son Adam Chandler III aka 'lil A. She was about to give Babe the coup de gras when the police and her near and dear came to the rescue. Janet may be mentally ill, but she also has a very high I.Q., is extremely clever, is a master of disguise, is physically strong, and a master escape artist. So, my revised theory is that Janet has escaped from the mental hospital, and it is she who is the Satin Slayer. Forgive me Annie.

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