Monday, May 19, 2008


Yours truly is a freak for widgets. The one i've most recently added [tip a glance to screen left just below the calendar] indulges my latest passion---Dexter

i'm also a gal who ascribes to the 'everything happens for a reason' theorem. The now [thank the gods] resolved WGA strike opened the door February 17, 2008 for CBS to air season 1 of cable's Showtime [a CBS subsidiary] hit Dexter. i, like many who'd viewed Dexter on Showtime, was skeptical that an edited for network television broadcast of the program would not be entertaining. i'm happy to say i was wrong. Some of the dialog tweaking would have been best left edited out rather than dubbed. Showtime original dialog: "I'm watching you mother-f***er" vs CBS dubbed dialog: "I'm watching you mother-lover". Probably would have been better to have had the edited line end at "I'm watching you". That said, the choice to do otherwise does make for light amusement.

No word yet as to when or if CBS plans to air season 2 of Dexter, but with the looming SAG strike [here's hoping that issue is resolved before it's begun] it might be something to consider. Meantime, the set date for Dexter season 2 DVD release is August 19, 2008. Look for season 3 of Dexter on Showtime in October 2008.

{In the interest of full disclosure, while i have not been in contact with him for decades, i am acquainted with Dexter's Sergeant Doakes portrayer, Erik King [we were high school classmates]. If you're reading this erikking [back in the day your pet name for me was loki] give me a holla back o.k. :-)}

Dexter Videos Courtesy IGN TV

Dexter Books by Jeff Lindsay

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