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Matt Damon Pens and Stars and Gus Van Sant Directs anti-fracking movie: Promised Land


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Matt Damon pens and stars in anti-fracking movie

Matt Damon has co-written and will star in an anti-fracking, Hollywood blockbuster. The film, “Promised Land,” will be directed by Gus Van Sant and co-star John Krasinski, who plays Jim in NBC's “The Office.”

Damon’s anti- fracking plot was revealed in an email yesterday to supporters of “FrackNation,” a documentary that "aims to tell the truth" about fracking – a process for retrieving natural gas from deep rock.

Environmentalists have claimed fracking pollutes water. However, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that its investigations of a number of high profile incidents have revealed no pollution, and the allegations of contamination lack a scientific basis.

FrackNation was an immediate success on, raising more than $190,000 and smashing through its fundraising goal of $150,000 early in the campaign.

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In their letter to supporters the filmmakers said the latest Hollywood attack on fracking underscores the need for balanced documentaries such as FrackNation.

Krasinski and Damon, co-writers of “Promised Land,” focused on fracking, a practice that has become one of the biggest causes to be adopted by the radical environmental movement.

“Promised Land” producers have been very tight-lipped about the plot. They have said it will feature Damon "playing a sales executive who arrives in a small town only to have his whole life called into question.” Additionally, a casting call was issued for extras to play "farmers, children...and attendees at a town hall meeting.” Much of the fracking is done on farmland and many of the allegations of pollution have taken place at raucous town hall meetings.

Sources close to the production have told McAleer and McElhinney that it is “pollution from fracking,” causes Damon to question his purpose in life.

FrackNation’s filmmakers say they are finding many scare stories about fracking but little scientific evidence to support the claims by environmentalists that fracking is contaminating water or the environment.

Adding to the controversy, “Promised Land” will be filmed in Pennsylvania - where many of the fracking controversies that later proved to be unfounded are centered. Dimock, PA was featured in many reports alleging fracking contaminated water. However, the EPA recently announced that the water in the township is not polluted.

"We understand that Hollywood movies have to be entertaining not truthful,” said McAleer. "We wish Matt Damon well in his project but we do hope that the movie reflects how the majority of people in fracking areas support the process and know their water is not polluted," he added.

McAleer added that movies such as “Promised Land” underscored the need for documentaries such as FrackNation "to allow a debate on the issue.”

FrackNation is continuing to fundraise through Kickstarter. The campaign ends at 6 A.M. Pacific on Friday, April 6th.

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